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    About the Program

    What is a Mentorship Program?
    The Mentorship program by Propel Guru is once in a lifetime opportunity to learn essential skills and real-world experience to set your feet in the world of Business Development by gaining invaluable experience from our Mentors. Propel Guru, Business Development mentorship will help you accomplish your goals and become the finest Business Developer in the near future.

    Benefits of Mentorship Program
    Gain exposure while learning from the experts. With regular feedback from your mentors, you can better determine your strengths and weaknesses to become a stronger competitor in your field.

    This Business Development Mentorship journey could be your ultimate learning experience with five different teams going hand in hand to teach you something new every day.

    Company Details

    Propel Guru is an industry-leading digital marketing and sales agency whose sole focus is to create an enriching digital experience. At Propel Guru, we provide innovative solutions that benefit you in sales, lead generation, graphical content, digital marketing, and email marketing solutions to any company’s size, including the fortune 500 companies.

    Along with a creative digital marketing approach, Propel Guru is ready to set their feet in the career industry domain. This mentorship program would be the founding stone for the start of this beautiful journey.


    indrajeet agrawal

    Head of Business Development & Consultant

    ausaf ahmed

    Senior Project Delivery Manager


    Digital marketing specialist


    Senior content writer


    Digital Media Specialist


    Digital marketing specialist


    Head UI/UX Graphic Designer

    Business Development Experts

    indrajeet agrawal

    Business Development Manager

    ausaf ahmed

    Senior Project Delivery Manager