Content Marketing

It starts with expertise and continues with awesomeness.

Propel Guru is a strategically-driven full-service digital marketing agency that has guided compelling brand experiences for clients worldwide. As the leading digital marketing company in Canada, we offer creative content services, so it gets easy for you to cut through the noise and fuel your brand. 

Our teams of experienced and skilled content writers and editors drive impeccable results with content marketing campaigns that help you take your prospects through the buyer’s journey and convert them into repeat buyers.

Build brand awareness, increase search exposure, and attract top-of-funnel visitors to your website with blog posts created by our experienced and creative in-house team of content marketers

First impression counts – it always has and it always will. Steal the eyes of your prospects by mesmerizing them with motion graphics, animations, video blogs, and more. Discover the best of video marketing campaigns and services to reach your target audience in visually compelling and memorable ways.

Empower your email marketing strategies and campaigns with our resourceful and amazingly creative email marketers in the driver’s seat. Leverage email marketing as an integral aspect of your content marketing strategy to build leads and cultivate customer loyalty.

Propel Guru is your one-stop provider of full-size printable infographics that communicate your brand, products, services, and above all – your brand. Get on board with amazingly interactive visual content marketing to demonstrate your expertise.

Want to guide website visitors through the sales cycle with conversion content? Demonstrate thought leadership to increase awareness and emerge as an authority of your niche. At Propel Guru, we help you differentiate your brand by building relationships and driving sales.

Demonstrate convincing social proof of your brand and expertise. Validate your team skills and industry presence. Let Propel Guru drive high-intent paid and organic traffic to your website through craftily woven content combined with a smart web design that converts.

Website Content Development

Digital presence is the initial association for your prospects. Virtual appearances are paramount in the decision-making process.

A glazed and professional website is an excellent storyteller for you and your firm. Propel Guru is coherent and works on a user-friendly interface that provides a refined experience for all. From Social Media Paid Advertising to Online Advertising, Propel Guru will walk you through the digital routes and ensure unprecedented ROI.

At Propel Guru, we drive results with data, research, and insights that will help you make smarter decisions – each time, every time.

Content Development Services

Communicating your message. 

With Propel Guru, you can turn the passive audience into an engaged one by astute content that resonates in the long run. Writing on Marketing Collaterals, Company Brochure to Copy Writing, Editing & Proofreading, and to work on Keynote Presentations, we endeavor to capture the soul of your brand and communicate what you want it to be.

Propel Guru studies your culture, learns your language, and sweeps deep to understand the vision and challenges and guide you to make you reach where you want to go as a success-driven organization.

Let’s create an out-of-the-box brand story for you!

Press Release Writing

 Propel Guru gets you brand visibility and mileage by connecting you to the regional market and untapped audience. Our content development agency provides tailormade solutions to create positive brand recognition and increased recall value for your brand. As a PR Strategist agency, Propel Guru works upon 4 C Principles – Conceptualize, Create, Connect, and Communicate. 

Our hybrid approach to developing engaging content ethically molds public opinion to your advantage. With the mixed bag of young, vibrant, and experienced professionals, Propel Guru gives you strategic advice that enhances your brand image, acceptability, and credibility.

Social Media Content

As a Social Media agency, Propel Guru bridges the gap between the audience’s needs and business requirements by providing a 360-degree understanding of the online platform. Social media has empowered people to connect with service providers directly. Propel Guru offers social media strategy, brand engagement services, and in-depth quantitative analysis to accomplish your online goals. At Propel Guru, the team plans, creates, and tracks your brand activities on social media by combining event-specific strategies.

Customer engagement is accomplished in many ways like an influencer outreach program, quality content videos, conducting surveys or contests, or dedicated apps.

Propel Guru depicts a separate persona for your brand, helping your company discover increased brand exposure, widen the customer base, and even improve the conversion rate and bottom line.

Product Content Development

For some businesses, the product is the content, and the industry stands on the double-edged sword of maintaining the data for the product and the challenges of executing a refined web-content. That’s where Propel Guru plays its part, being an SEO expert company, it studies your unique characteristics and builts the curated messaging as per the client’s business objective. With the essentials to have a crystal clear understanding of your client’s goals, Propel Guru has technical expertise in the product content development process.

Corporate Profile Writing

Even the general artistic and innovative ideas live short if they do not resonate with your audience or meet business goals. Propel Guru is one of the first Marketing agencies that offers a complete in-house solution. It identifies how the stairs to accomplishments are mirrored and then amplifies its impact for you. Through our corporate profile writing, Propel Guru aims towards a critical strategic step by engaging readers with a message that resonates.

eBook Writing

eBooks are electronic books with multiple digital pages that mimic the structure of a novel or a textbook. Content writing and development expert Propel Guru works on the segmentation of your text with sub-headers that break down the discussion or a conversation into a specific section.