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To set your company on heights, our remarkably skilled lead generation crew runs with rigorous research to render you with quality data. It provides you with an open space of account-based marketing, appointment setting, lead generation, and sales accredited tools.

Multi-touch Omnichannel Process

Targeted Lead Building

Build a targeted audience for your curated business profile from our vast proprietary database that consists of important decision-makers and curated organizational details.

Targeted Cold Research Emailing & Profiling -

Conversion of cold leads into hot prospects by nurturing and engaging them with constant and automated organizational info over emails.

Targeted Cold Call

To be in constant touch with your prospect is the key. Connecting with them as soon as they open your emails or messages keeps you fresh and memorable with your prospects.

Banner Ads

Creatives from Propel Guru give colors to your website. Our graphics team serves you with innovative ads campaigns that help you generate leads from people who visit your website.

Transparent Reporting

A dedicated account manager shares precise user data analytics, content, and records. Propel Guru helps you move towards successful campaigns.

Targeted LinkedIn Connection

Our skilled team generates a targeted audience list as per your business requirements.

Propel Guru is a new-generation, multitouch, and omnichannel marketing company headquartered in Canada. We specialize in lead generation and fixing appointments around various verticals for inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

Custom Lead Generation Campaign


Lead Generation with Propel Guru

Reach the best resources to extract the cream layer buyers of your industry. Grow your business towards increased sales and profitability with Propel Guru at the right place and right time.

Our team works on the latest technologies in the industry with our leadership level of experience, and lead generation strategy gets built on consumer insights driven by data application. We possess a deep understanding of the power of Branding and are experts in managing eCommerce capabilities.

Lead Generation Services

Buyers now possess and exercise more power in the market. Buyers go through out-and-out pre-purchase research ignoring the adverts and promotional emails. Due to this discretion, one needs to generate leads on the inbound as well as outbound level.

Online Lead Generation Services

Propel Guru gets your site a pre-eminent appearance on the internet with outstanding SEO services.

We double your website traffic by analyzing your website and its content, Propel Guru guides a prospect converting it into a lead.

With SEO done right, we help you generate leads from Content Marketing, Guest Postings, and Influential and impressive Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Implements brand positioning, keeping in mind the target audience's taste and preferences, convincing them to inquire and organically engage in your business.

Inbound Lead Generation

It is to leverage your brand position in the market that converts your target audience into a buyer. It aligns with the needs, requirements, and buyer's behavior to deliver compelling results.

Propel Guru helps you generate inbound leads with smart SEO techniques, effective social media strategy, online advertising, and link building.

Outbound Lead Generation

When you reach out to your target audience by pushing a message regardless of their interest in the content, it is considered an outbound lead generation. These campaigns include cold calling, mass email, and display advertising.

With a keen understanding of the segmentation of the target audience, you can compose excellent results.


B2B Lead Generation

Networking and imperative partnership are some of the vital expertise of Propel Guru. Building propitious relationships among the industries and outside generates B2B leads that will help your brand thrive efficiently.

B2B marketing is a crucial part of the business process, despite the size of the organization. Having a connection with vendors, suppliers, and other business clients are equally important when compared with buyers. We serve you with a vast platform to network with partners, bag agreements, and find prospects by building a client base through a customized process.

Customers in a discovery phase are often traceable through SEO if done right, regardless of their geographical boundaries. Propel Guru gets you connected with your audience via link building, referral marketing program, or content marketing to generate leads that may or may not be traversing routes.

Procure, Nurture, Invest, and Involve:

Improve Conversion Rate

Propel Guru helps clients enhance their sales qualified lead conversion rate through inbound marketing strategies, reducing their unproductive lead source with cost-efficiency.


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