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Email Marketing That Will Work For Your Business

Generate & Close More Leads with Targeted Campaigns to stand out above your competitors.

Propel Guru is an ace and full-service marketing agency that has pioneered the domain of email marketing. We offer impeccable services like custom email template design and coding, email campaign setup and deployment, email strategy, email automation, custom integrations, and programming, etc. In this cut-throat competitive phase, we work with brands of varied sizes, agencies, and email service providers to deliver the top-notch and commendable quality service, production, and support services, which provide an edge over the peers.

Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns

Increase Sales

Increase Leads

Brand Awareness

Build Credibility

Increase Customer Engagement

Increased website and Traffic

Target & Personalised Content

Get an Exceptional Experience of Email Marketing with Us

Our purpose is to render an outstanding experience through creating exemplary and meaningful emails and newsletters for the valuable clients who show paramount trust in us and our expertise. After understanding your company’s purpose and marketing strategy, our team of proficient email marketing experts works closely with you at every stage.

Propel Guru provides you all the required email marketing solutions and resources through which you send campaigns and connect with your subscribers.

Our Email Marketing Services

Propel Guru acts as a catalyst for expanding the frontiers of your business with a herd of experienced and talented professionals; we help businesses to create ROI-driven email programs that multiply the growth of your business. As a supernova of email marketing, we remove all your email-related challenges and direct you to focus on your business goals by executing the strategies that work best for you.

Let's create better emails

You can create and send email campaigns to the right customer at the right time with our​​ powerful automation and personalization features.

Features that leave you awestruck

As an email marketing firm, our unanimous efforts are directed towards providing you some exquisite and unparalleled email-marketing features that drive you to fulfill your business objectives and give you a profound experience.

Create beautiful campaigns

From the gallery of a plethora of templates, you can choose a responsive and suitable template that illuminates fascinating results.

Send Time Optimization

Don’t worry. Our algorithms help you to determine the best times at which you should send your email campaigns. Relax and enjoy a 5 to 15% increase in open rates

Advanced reports

Propel Guru helps you navigate precisely where your contacts click, geographic reporting, and correctly what connections opened, clicked, or interacted with your emails.

Landing Pages

With our drag and drop landing page editor connected to your account directly, you may expand your contact list, or set up special marketing operations in minutes with our drag and drop.

A/B testing

You can incredibly improve your results by A/B testing your subject lines. An exceptionally written email with good subject lines drives your decisions and consistently improves one email campaign at a time.

Propel Guru: Command central for your marketing.

Our custom solutions make it easy to manage your email marketing across multiple departments or locations, share templates and creative assets, and quickly approve every email before it goes out.

We are here to support you

Propel Guru formulates a productive and incredible email marketing strategy, designs custom branded templates, creates engaging email content, and ignites you to achieve your desired results.

If you can’t write, design, and send your email campaigns because of your busy schedule, we can help you in every possible way.

The benefits we offer:

It’s time to outsource your email campaigns.

We suggest practical and scalable outsourced solutions for your email marketing campaigns. Here are some of the steps to undertake:

Organize a call to your email marketing advisor.

Call your email advisor and demonstrate your objectives, expectations, and plan your further steps. 

Get your free email performance audit.

With the help of our 7-point checklist, we will do a free audit of your email marketing strategy to help you retrieve more from your budget of email marketing. 

Meet your dedicated campaign manager.

Now, you will be assigned an efficient and experienced campaign manager. Their work is to assist you with expertise at every step, including planning a productive first month’s email campaigns.

Campaign content strategy

To discuss your email campaigns’ intricacies, your efficient campaign manager is the right person for you. While creating a campaign, you can exchange ideas and information with your manager along with this; you may ask frequent questions.

Review campaign performance

For tracking and evaluating your email campaign’s performance, you can book a slot with your campaign manager. You may review the results of your email campaigns. Go deeper into analyzing the stats, looking at your open rates, click rates, and figuring out ways to increase them over time.

Plan upcoming campaigns

For planning and envisioning futuristic email campaigns, your dedicated campaign manager will collaborate with you and review seasonal hotspots to discover new promotional opportunities.

Full-fledged Email Marketing Service

The expert professionals in our team will design, build, test, and send your email campaigns for you. For creating your next email campaigns, we have our best people working for you. You discuss themes and ideas with your campaign manager; then, we are here to serve you with our exceptional services.


The creative lead from our team will prepare a creative brief for your emails. Then our design team will concentrate on creating custom graphics to increase click-through rates.


The next step is to build your emails according to the latest HTML coding standards, and then take a mobile-first approach to ensure your emails appear great on smaller mobile screens.


On our virtual environment and on live devices, we will test your emails in our testing lab, once it is built to ensure your email works flawlessly across all major email clients.


On your email campaign, your campaign manager will run a multitude of diligent pre-send checks to ensure that it caters to the requirements. Moreover, it is error-free and looks excellent


After getting approved by our creative head and campaign manager, we will send you a preview of your email. On which you are allowed to leave comments on specific sections of the email.


After approval, your campaign manager will set up A/B split test experiments and schedule your email to send at peak send times to increase open rates.

With Propel Guru unfurl the flag of your growth and witness some extraordinary work.

Try it out and take your emails to newer heights by collaborating with us. For building robust and unbreakable customer relationships, explore the new horizons of email marketing.