Our purposes

Propel Guru’s aim is to deliver robust and world-class services to make a positive impact on one’s everyday life.

We do this through our customer-driven strategy while maintaining the highest investment grade rating and acting as responsible operators. We achieve our company goals and implement our strategy to reflect our values ​​of security, integrity, responsibility, openness, simplicity, and entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

To become the most creative and professional digital marketing service provider in Canada and be a precious asset to the success of our clients’ businesses.

Our Mission

Our Values

Our values ​​reflect our goals, priorities, and beliefs with which we conduct our business. They determine what it means to work in Propel Guru, no matter where we work or where we are from.

At Propel Guru, the way we work defines how we deliver both our strategy and purpose. We are guided by six values: safety, teamwork, respect, integrity, and excellence, each chosen by the people who make it happen.

We act honestly at all times and choose to speak up when the principles of our ethical behavior are not followed. We have the courage and commitment to do what is right. Our zero-tolerance for unethical and inappropriate actions allows us to proceed positively and cautiously. Propel Guru’s ethics and compliance program is designed to ensure that company business practices comply with applicable laws, regulations, and principles. Above all, they remain a benchmark of ethical standards.

Respect is a guiding value for all of us at Propel Guru. We respect each other, treat each other with fairness and dignity. We focus on building trust through transparent and honest communication. We create an inclusive work environment where all employees are heard with respect and valued for their contributions. 

Our customers expect our daily interactions to be authentic and straightforward. We understand that sometimes it feels complicated. That is why we always strive for simplicity in everything we do and transparency in everything we say.

Imagination stimulates the desire to innovate and make progress.We realize this and put in that hard work and keep on striving to find the most effective ways to connect companies, employees, and dealers to operate differently and better.

Our success depends on the trust and respect we have towards each other and with all of our business partners, suppliers, customers, and investors.

Customer Focus

Customer focus is deeply embedded in the thinking process that pushes us to be the best by delivering on time, price, and quality.
We set high expectations for ourselves and regularly meet and exceed them through valuable and sustainable solutions. We adopt a growth mindset, focus on continuously improving, and aim to do better every day.

Propel Guru, the top digital marketing agency in Canada understands that each of us has an impact on customer relationships through the work we do. That is why we always act honestly and maintain the highest professional standards.


Our entrepreneurial spirit drives growth, inspires innovation in new business areas that we want to explore, strengthens local opportunities, and keeps us focused on achieving operational excellence.

Propel Guru values and promotes creativity. Creativity can often mean looking at things differently, and our culture of collaboration allows us to build ideas and continue to improve our work performance.We ensure that everyone at Propel Guru has the time, space, and tools to encourage ideas with imagination and enthusiasm. We are always ready to act boldly, challenge ourselves, and learn from our process to create long-lasting value and achieve high performance.

At Propel Guru, we strive to maintain and expand our standards and to prove and maintain our reputation for reliability. We make the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our priority number one. We are reliable and can count on us to ensure the safety and success of our products. We are proud of our work and ensure that our end customers receive the most reliable and exceptional services.

We believe that technology is a positive and powerful force for good and is committed to a sustainable future where everyone has access to the advantages and different opportunities offered by technology.

A team works best when everyone has a role that plays to their strength. We have our unstoppable team of skilled, driven individuals working in coordination to enhance the team’s productivity. Propel Guru strives for a dedicated and inclusive workplace where everyone can freely speak, share knowledge, and listen to each other.

Discover the best opportunity, leads and conversions by choosing Propel Guru as sales and digital marketing partner.

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